Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
Future Inductees

Each year the Board Members with Idaho Hall of Fame send invitations to members of academies, government agencies, business entitites, and individuals to submit candidates for future Idaho Hall of Fame Inductees.  If you know a person who has contributed significantly to the state of Idaho, please print, complete, and return the form below.  Each recommendation is researched and presented to the Board of IHF for vote.  We appreciate your nominations!

Spirit of Idaho

Idaho’s Hall of Fame



Information on Potential IHF Inductee

Date Submitted:_________________


Address: _________________________________                                                      

City:  _______________________    State:                Zip Code:

Telephone #: _________________________  Email Address: _________________________


If the individual(s) submitted is/are deceased please also include the above information for a representative (family member, friend, business associate) that can be contacted.


Criteria for consideration as an Inductee into the Idaho’s Hall of Fame:


[  ] Born in the State of Idaho                                  

[  ] Lived a portion of or entire life in Idaho

[  ] Attended schools in Idaho

[  ] Business affiliations in Idaho


Nominees may be living or deceased; born; raised; or lived a part of their lives in Idaho and who are widely recognized in their profession or field of endeavor.  Individuals who have made their home in Idaho after achieving their reputation or fame will also be considered.  Individuals not widely known, who have provided outstanding service to their communities and the State of Idaho, may be inducted upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees.  Groups and/or businesses may also be recognized for their contributions to the State of Idaho.


Please submit documentation to substantiate the information.  This can be in the form of newspaper articles, letters, books (references to books). A personal biography should be submitted in a brief form, hand written or typed.  If your selection or selections are voted upon and your choice has been accepted we will then ask you to send more detailed information along with a picture or pictures that can be published. These pictures will be returned to you upon request.


Please mail this information with documentation to:

Idaho’s Hall of Fame

Selection Committee

P.O. Box 1250

Meridian, Idaho  83680


This information was submitted by:

Name: _________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City_________________________ St ________ Zip Code _________

Telephone #: ________________________

Email Address: ______________________